About Us

We are small team, a team on a mission ... a mission to prepare every student with best chance to succeed at their exams. We believe technology should be used by everyone to excel at their learning and hence we created MyOutpace.

We are not driven by profits - heck we don't have any, we count our assets not by bank balance but by how many students are using MyOutpace, how many tests they are taking and in the end - how many careers/lives we had a role in shaping up.
At my MyOP, we take pride in providing the student/teacher community with best possible experience in their journey to prepare for whichever qualifying/entrance/evaluation test they are preparing for. The questions you'll see in MyOP system are sourced from best of the best teachers and professors from around the world, great care is taken to make sure the questions/material we provide is accurate and relevant.
If you'd like to participate in MyOP - in any capacity - feel free to write to us @ myop@myoutpace.com
If you'd like to discuss any other ideas, suggest us better ways to serve the student/teacher community - we are just an email away @ suggestions@myoutpace.com
and finally - if you like MyOP way - spread the word, get your friends involved.
Enjoy and good luck!